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Ruckus Mixtape Compilation -

Artist: Genesis The Ruckus

Submitted by: GenesisThe Ruckus - Pro Member on Apr. 4, 2017 /

Ruckus Mixtape Compilation To Promote In Toronto May 6th - 7th. Ruckus Drops A Mixtape per Month For The Past 5 Years Or More. This Rapper/Entrepreneur Ain't Taking NO For An Answer hes A Indie Vet In This Game That Performed On The Same Stage As Ritz, ILL BILL & The LOX Jadakiss, SS, Slyles P, Sheek, PJ, Lacoka Nostra & Madchild Just To Name A Few And He Bout To Take Over The World. #Causinruckus3 June 27th everywhere.
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Genesis The Ruckus feat Calico

Numb (Freestyle)

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Genesis The Ruckus feat Dutch

The Last Breath (Freestyle)

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