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Numb (Freestyle)

Artist: Genesis The Ruckus feat Calico Fresh

Submitted by: GenesisThe Ruckus - Pro Member on Jul. 18, 2017 /

Ruckus - Numb (Freestyle) feat Calico Fresh aka Jay Williams. ((NEW)) Causin'Ruckus Part 3. Full Mixtape Official Cover (Small Film Soundtracks) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - This Is Highly Anticipated By Fans To Be One Of The Years Best Indie Mix tape on The Streets And Online Supported By The People. Sponsor by - Disstape - - - #Ruckusgear @ruckusgear Clothes and #Ruckusrapshow. This Amazing Mixtape From Ruckus The Vet Everywhere Out June 24th - 27th on my Birthday #Summer16 feat Family 2Pac, Calico Fresh, Dragon , Dutch Nelson, Sense and others #TorontoHipHop #ruckuspk #the6ix #cuthiphopawards2017 #redcarpet #the6ix #mrmontreal #cashmoneyblood #montreal #itsruckus - -
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Genesis The Ruckus

Halloween Ruckus Pt 7

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Genesis The Ruckus


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