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Pocket Fulla Feloniez...Da' Mixtape!

Artist: Chili-Bo feat. Various Artists

Submitted by: CHILI-BO on Apr. 9, 2013 /

Chili-Bo Is Back Again With His Sixth Mixtape Compilation Titled "Pocket Fulla Feloniez...Da' Mixtape!" This Mixtape Is Jam Packed With New & Upcoming Talent! You Are Guaranteed To Find Something To Keep Ya' Feet Tappin'! About The "Executive Produder: Chili-Bo is the CEO of Drink-A-Lot Records and one of Ghetto musics most “Unsung” talents! A Super Producer, Rapper, Turntable Trickster! (Dee Jay), Musician, Hustler & a mean “Hook/Chorus” singer! Chili-Bo has been on the underground music scene for many years and has helped mentor and mold many rappers, singers & dj's in the business from Southern to Northern California. Chili-Bo continues to create and produce what he likes to refer to as "Ghetto Muzik" for his long time supporters and ever increasing fanbase!
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Various Artists feat.

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Various Bay Area Artists feat.

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