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Struggle To The Throne

Artist: Behnam Muzik

Submitted by: Behnam Muzik on Jul. 14, 2013 / 522,353 Plays

Following the success of his first mixtape, Turning Point, Behnam Muzik is back with another explosive project. With a huge variety of songs and great features from UK to the U.S.A, Behnam Muzik shows his unique artist ability and style throughout this mixtape. Having only produced one of the beats on the mixtape, Behnam wanted to show the industry his capabilities as an artist. Struggle To The Throne is a journey through Behnam's past mistakes, struggles and torments in life. With a mix of lighthearted, real, dark and heartfelt music Behnam takes you through his memories and feelings. Follow Behnam and all the features on twitter: @BehnamMuzik @VicRippa @OfficialGenetic @TeeWeezy2010 @EssioArtist @1Range @MTGfreedom @HarryToogood4U
Current: 54321

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