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Posted Dec. 8, 2011 by Get Right Music

The Top 10 Hip Hop Sites Of 2011

Here is our official list of the top 10 hip hop sites we regularly check for new music releases. Most of the 10 websites below have been staples in the digital hip hop music scene. There are tons of other sites that may provide more valuable editorial content, gossip and opinions on hip hop music, but these 10 below are all you really need if you want to stay super updated with new hip hop music released online. Getting your music placed on these sites can really break a new artist these days. I’m sure you’ve heard of all these sites before, but we just wanted to put the list out to show our support. We kept it nice and short on purpose. Enjoy!


The Top 10 Hip Hop Sites of 2011

1. Nah Right

2. Rap Radar

3. Hip Hop-N-More

4. You Heard That New

5. Smoking Section

6. 2 Dope Boyz

7. The Over Feed

8. OnSmash

9. The Fader

10. Miss Info



These are our Top 10 hip hop sites, so we didn’t include Get Right Music in the list. That would be sort of a shameless plug. We do run it when it comes to mixtapes though!

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