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Posted Feb. 2, 2012 by Get Right Music

Cris Cab Moves Foreward With New Mixtape, Echo Boom

Following his somewhat slept on debut free EP, "Foreward," Cris Cab releases “Echo Boom.” A free, laid back, feel good mixtape. Presented with Pharrell Williams' clothing company, Billionaire Boys Club. The project features an interesting and talented crew of musical guests including: Wyclef, Mavado, Pharrell Williams, Melanie Fiona, Daytona, Marc Roberge of O.A.R., and Shaggy (Yep.) 


cris cab mixtape echo boom artowork


When I first got hold of Cris Cab’s debut EP “Foreward” about a year ago, I knew this was the type of music that sells itself and spreads organically. Breaking free of any label or genre, Cab has IT. Expect him to be a household name soon. Cab stated that he titled the mixtape “Echo Boom” to speak directly to the new youthful generation of 15-25 year old echo boomers. Landing right in the middle of the echo boom, at 19 years old, Cab is a perfect match. Stepping away from any boxed musical style, Cab works with an eclectic group of producers on this new mixtape, while still conveying his sun-splashed, feel good Miami sound. From the vocals, to the instrumentation, to the lyrics on this free mixtape, Cab stayed true to his previous album release title and kept it moving foreward. Quoted on the album's sound saying it is, "very urban, but it’s still got the reggae influence, world music sounds, 12 string guitars and mandolin, very international. The messages and positivity that the music portrays has a world-wide message that speaks to the younger generation." Miami raised Cris Cab seems to have been blessed, not only musically with talent, but with invaluable career opportunities as well. Some fans have described Cab as Bob Marley mixed with John Mayer. Cris points back to his first guitar given to him by his parents at the age of 9 as the birth of his journey with music. 


Cris Cab MIxtape Tracklisting


The “Echo Boom” mixtape can really be played from start to finish. The same went for “Foreward” too. Don’t sleep on that free EP! If I was A&R’ing this mixtape and had to choose 3 singles off “Echo Boom,” in order, they would be:


1. Face To Face (It’s only a snippet on the mixtape) - Cris Cab – Face To Face Lyrics -


2. Rhianna’s Gun Ft. Mavado (Prod. By Wyfclef) - Cris Cab – Rihanna's Gun Lyrics -


3. Gypsys On The Boulevard - Cris Cab – Gypsy's On The Boulevard Lyrics -


Cris Cab Music Video: No Hatred (Featured on his debut EP "Foreward")



Even though this mixtape was released at the end of January, I think it will definitely be in our “Top 10” list for 2012. I am really looking forward to what the year brings for Cris Cab following this project. Hopefully we get a few music videos and catch a tour from “Echo Boom.” I would actually enjoy seeing a Vampire Weekend and Cris Cab collaboration. Enjoy Cris Cab’s “Echo Boom” somewhere near the sun with good friends for guaranteed good times. Make sure to thank Cris on Facebook or Twitter for giving away this valuable music for free. Check out the Cris Cab YouTube channel too. Listen and download the "Echo Boom" mixtape for free below.




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